Bridge at the Top - book cover

Bridge at the Top: Behind the Screens

Bridge at the Top explores the experiences of elite bridge players competing on the international tournament circuit. Players reflect on participating in bridge settings before, during and after the game. In one-to-one interviews with Professor Samantha Punch, a selection of the world’s greatest players offer their views of the highs and lows of top-level bridge. The pages are filled with anecdotes, insights and reflections illustrating the personal, social and human aspects of the game.

The book is published by Master Point Press (2021) and is available now from your favourite bookseller. The e-book is available from eBooksBridge: Bridge at the Top ($17.99 USD).

See sample chapter: Heather Dhondy

Sally Brock - Bridge MindSport for All

Sally Brock, World Champion

‘Bridge at the Top: Behind the Screens provides intriguing insights into the lives and minds of the world’s top players. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these interviews which offer the reader the chance to really get to know the world’s top players.’

Jill Levin

Jill Levin, World Champion

The interviews make the names we see on vugraph come to life. The tips are tricks of the trade that will be useful to players of all levels. It is a fun and informative read.’

Chip Martel

Chip Martel, World Champion

‘Sam assembled an all-star cast of players, and these interviews provide intimate and revealing pictures of who these stars are, how they got to the top, and what keeps them there. The interviews are absorbing reading and the advice will help players at any level. The suggestions on partnership and mental toughness are of particular note.’

Brian Senior

Brian Senior, National Champion

‘For me it was fascinating to see how the different interviews, all basically starting from the same point, and broadly covering much of the same ground, spent very varying amounts of time on different aspects of the subject due to the different areas of interest of the various interviewees. Not only the content, but also the feel, or atmosphere of the interviews vary considerably, largely reflecting the personalities of those being interviewed. There are some interesting views expressed – well worth a read.’