Bridging Academia, Policy and Practice

Monday 28 June – Thursday 1 July 2021

Boye - keynote Speaker
Bridge at the Top front cover
Marianne Harding

Free international conference for academics, bridge players, teachers, administrators and policymakers

More than 60 presenters and panelists from 20 countries

Case studies: Australia, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Madeira, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, South Pacific, UK, USA

Day 1

28 June:  Benefits of bridge as a sport

Welcome by: World Bridge Federation President

[Session 1A] Bridge as a Mindsport
13:00 (BST UK) / 08:00 (EDT)

[Session 1B] Wellbeing & Bridge
16:30 (BST UK) / 11:30 (EDT)
Keynote: Prof Martin Seligman (USA)
Bridge at the Top (Jill Levin & Chip Martel)

Day 3

30 June: How can bridge be more inclusive?

[Session 3A] Ageing, Intergenerationality & Bridge
10:00 (BST UK) / 05:00 (EDT)

[Session 3B] Gender, Sexism & Bridge
15:00 (BST UK) / 10:00 (EDT)
Panel 1 Women’s Bridge: Pros & Cons
Panel 2 Sexism within the Game: Solutions?

Day 2

29 June: The future hybrid of face-to-face and online play

[Session 2A] Covid Impacts on Bridge
11:30 (BST UK) / 06:30 (EDT)

[Session 2B] Digital Bridge & Cheating
19:30 (BST UK) / 14:30 (EDT)
Panel: Jan Kamras (EBL), Eric Laurant (WBF)
Boye Brogeland & Steve Weinstein

Day 4

1 July: How to transform the image of bridge?

[Session 4A] New Approaches to Recruitment
13:00 (BST UK) / 08:00 (EDT)
Panel 1 Teaching & Retaining Learners
Panel 2 How to get more Bridge into Schools

[Session 4B] Marketing Bridge
16:30 (BST UK) / 11:30 (EDT)

29 June: Conference Pairs & RealBridge Q&A
15:00 (BST UK) / 10:00 (EDT)

30 June: Bridge Taster for First-timers
18:30 (BST UK) / 13:30 (EDT)

Online programme

The conference had eight sessions, two per day, and each day had its own theme.

Day 1:  Bridge as a Mindsport

Day 2:  Digital Bridge: Opportunities and Challenges

Day 3:  Healthy Ageing, Intergenerationality and Gender

Day 4:  Education, Development and Marketing

Each session has its own webpage with all the details of speakers and panelists, and links to pre-recorded presentations.