Media coverage of BAMSA, Keep Bridge Alive and the Sociology of Bridge project at the University of Stirling


Bridge, Youth and Schools
USBC Daily Bulletin (p16), 6 May 2023

New Research Information from BAMSA
World Bridge Federation, 27th April 2023

Playing the Long Game
NABC Daily Bulletin, 17th March 2023

Collaborative Contribution
NABC Daily Bulletin (p8), 14th March 2023

Collaborative Contribution
NABC Daily Bulletin (p8), 14th March 2023


Women and Equity in the World of Bridge
GreatBridgeLinks, 29 December 2022

Neurosexism and Bridge
Bridgewinners, 28 December 2022

Keeping Bridge Alive, Kib Interview with Samantha Punch, The Kibitzer Vol 69, Issue 4, Winter 2022, pages 16-25

Promoting Bridge as a Mindsport
Bridgewinners, 29 November 2022

Temperament is Everything
Bridgewinners, 24 October 2022

Intersections between Music and Bridge
Bridgewinners, 24 September 2022

Professor Punch on the Sociology of Bridge
World Bridge Federation, Wroclaw, Poland, August 2022

Bridge and Gender
Bridgewinners, 27 April 2022

Sorry Partner
Interview with Samantha Punch, 21 April 2022


The Great Bridge Boycott
The New Yorker, 13 October 2021

Bridge at the Top
United States Bridge Federation Bulletin (p9)
13 October 2021

Uni helps to bridge the gap of loneliness.
29 September 2021. Stirling Observer

BAMSA conference
United States Bridge Federation Bulletin (p18)
18 September 2021

Samantha Punch – Victim of the Day
MMT II Bulletin 2 (p7), 13 January 2021

Bridge and Science
International Bridge Press Association Bulletin 672 (pp1, 14-15), 10 January 2021
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BAMSA Covid Project
English Bridge Union Club Management Focus: Winter 2021

Presentations, Research Papers & Archive Documents
Resources collated by the World Bridge Federation, ongoing

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