Media coverage of BAMSA, Keep Bridge Alive and the Sociology of Bridge project at the University of Stirling


The Great Bridge Boycott
The New Yorker, 13 October 2021

Bridge at the Top
United States Bridge Federation Bulletin (p9)
13 October 2021

Uni helps to bridge the gap of loneliness.
29 September 2021. Stirling Observer

BAMSA conference
United States Bridge Federation Bulletin (p18)
18 September 2021

Samantha Punch – Victim of the Day
MMT II Bulletin 2 (p7), 13 January 2021

Bridge and Science
International Bridge Press Association Bulletin 672 (pp1, 14-15), 10 January 2021
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BAMSA Covid Project
English Bridge Union Club Management Focus: Winter 2021

Presentations, Research Papers & Archive Documents
Resources collated by the World Bridge Federation, ongoing

Resources collated by the European Bridge League, ongoing

Samantha Punch


Second Published Paper from BAMSA
English Bridge Union, 18 December 2020

First Published Paper from BAMSA
English Bridge Union, 13 November 2020

The New Bridge Normal?
Bridgewinners, 22 September 2020

BAMSA and the Academic Exploration Of Bridge
Great Bridge Links, 31 August 2020

Bridging in the Time of Covid-19
Bridgewinners, 22 August 2020

Building a bridge between generations
Cyprus Mail, 22 June 2020

What makes Bridge brilliant?
The Alt Mixed Teams Bulletin 2 (p6), 4 June 2020

Bridge: A Mindsport For All (BAMSA) – Your Help Needed!
Contract Bridge Association of Ireland, 2 June 2020

Bridge: A MindSport for All
Scottish Bridge Union, no date

UoS Bridging the Gap 2020 Survey
English Bridge Education & Development, May 2020

What’s Brilliant About Bridge?
ACBL, 28 May 2020

Bridge in the Time of Covid-19
Bridgewinners, 28 May 2020

Bridge: A MindSport for All
Leisure Studies Association, 26 May 2020

What makes bridge brilliant
Bridgewinners, 13 May 2020

Bridge and the impact of Covid-19
English Bridge Union, 23 April 2020

Playing Bridge Online & Bridge: A MindSport for All  Listen to broadcast [23:36 – 27:00]
The Bridge Zone, Hamilton Contract Bridge Club, 22 April 2020

Structure and organisation of clubs
Bridgewinners, 4 April 2020

Bridge Research to Explore Benefits of Mind-Sports
World Bridge Federation Youth, 4 March 2020

Bridge: A MindSport for All (BAMSA)
World Bridge Federation Youth, 4 March 2020

Bridge can be ace in pack for Scottish pupils
Sunday Express, 1 March 2020

Bridge: A MindSport for All
Bridgewinners, 28 February 2020

Keep Bridge Alive – Pro-Am Pairs
English Bridge Union, 25 February 2020

Bridge research to explore benefits of mind-sports
Stirling News, 25 February 2020

Funding boost to bridge the gap between play and study
Stirling University, 25 February 2020

Lovely evening yesterday playing bridge
Victoria Coren, 21 February 2020

Bridge players at Pro-Am fundraiser for BAMSA, February 2020


Taking Bridge Seriously
Bridgewinners, 6 December 2019

Voting for new KBA name
Bridgewinners, 22 November 2020

Keep Bridge Alive Pro-Am Tournament
World Bridge Federation, 15 November 2019

Keep Bridge Alive Pro-Am Tournament
European Bridge League, 15 November 2019

Bridge researchers in Oslo
Norwegian Bridge Federation, 1 November 2019

What’s in a Name?
Bridgewinners, 11 October 2019

Keep Bridge Alive
44th World Bridge Team Championships Daily Bulletin (p16), 16 September 2019

WBF and University of Stirling Research Updates
World Bridge Federation, 7 August 2019

If you Keep Bridge Alive, it will do the same for you
Dementia Centred, 25 February 2019

University of Stirling Keep Bridge Alive
Yokohama Bridge Festival Bulletin Number 5 (p26), 23 February 2019

Bridge the gap between play and study
English Bridge Union, 4 February 2019

Keep Bridge Alive
Sociology of Bridge, 4 February 2019

Double Dummy Film Screening
University of Stirling, February 2019

Bridge tournament Sweden


John McAllister interviews Samantha Punch
The Setting Trick, 19 November 2018

University academics ‘bridge the gap’ with new card club
World Bridge Federation, 5 July 2018

Doctorate in bridge is on the cards for university
The Courier, 5 July 2018

Playing bridge helps to maintain ‘brain fitness’
Daily Express (Scotland), 5 July 2018

University’s coming up trump with latest PhD… in bridge!
Daily Mail (Scotland), 5 July 2018

Card doc 3yr deal
The Sun (Scotland), 5 July 2018

Exploring the Social World of the Mind Sport of Bridge
World Bridge Federation, 4 May 2018

University of Stirling Bridge Club for all ages