Bridge: A MindSport for All has a range of resources that are free to download.

Benefits of Bridge: The Partnership Mindsport

This research animation discusses the life skills that can be developed through bridge.

Ida Gronkvist bridge Player

Bridge: A MindSport for All (BAMSA) has a range of resources including academic articles and summaries, conference papers, workshop presentations, videos and other visuals. More resources are being generated and, over time, the resources will become toolkits for two different but potentially overlapping audiences:

  • Practitioners: bridge organisations, players, teachers, local organisers
  • Public: schools, teachers, parents, young people, universities, employers, policymakers

With the exception of the videos and photographs, the following resources originate from the BAMSA research projects. All BAMSA resources are free to download. Stakeholder presentations are listed on the Network page. If you share the resources please credit BAMSA and email [email protected] to let the researchers know how you have used the resources (or plan to use them).