The University of Stirling is an international university with a global reputation for innovative interdisciplinary research that makes a positive impact on people’s health, education and wellbeing.

BAMSA’s research programmes complement two of UoS’s overarching research themes: Living Well and Cultures, Communities and Society.

BAMSA is housed in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Living Well

The UoS Living Well research theme brings together experts from many subject areas (sports science, psychology, marketing, economics and health). All those involved are working towards improving wellbeing and allowing people to maintain, attain or regain good health.

In many instances, the mind-sport of bridge gives people a positive quality of life, both mentally and socially. As well as providing educational and social benefits, the mind-sport of bridge also has cognitive benefits and contributes to healthy ageing and brain fitness.

Cultures, Communities and Society

Participation in the mind-sport of bridge enhances social networks and a sense of belonging to a wider bridge community, which complements UoS’s research theme Cultures, Communities and Society.

BAMSA is investigating the role that leisure plays in friendships and personal communities, as well as how it can create a sense of belonging and collective identity. In addition, BAMSA research into bridge and the benefits of intergenerational socialising is contributing to Stirling’s vision of an intergenerational wellbeing hub and village.