Live Presentations

Gender Inequalities and Bridge: An Overview of the Research

Professor Samantha Punch (BAMSA)

Panel 1  Women’s Bridge: Segregation Pros and Cons

Sofie Græsholt Sjødal (Under-26 Bridge Player and Bridge Teacher, Norway)

Mary Sharp (Bridge Teacher, England)

Mary Kelly Rogers (Bridge Player, Ireland, and European Bridge League Women’s Sub-Committee)

Jan Kamras (President, European Bridge League)

Panel 2  Sexism within the Game: Solutions?

Laura Woodruff (Bridge Player, Wales)

Tracy Bauer (President of District 21, American Contract Bridge League)

Mitch Dunitz (Treasurer, American Contract Bridge League Educational Foundation)

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Why we Need the Under-26 Women Category   

Sofie Græsholt Sjødal (Under-26 Bridge Player and Bridge Teacher, Norway)

There might be a few reasons why the under-26 women category should be abolished. However, there are many more reasons why it should not. Sofie Græsholt Sjødal will tell you about why we need the category and how it can help to limit gender differences. 

Bridging Brains: Exploring Gendered Attitudes and Inequalities in a Mindsport   

Professor Samantha Punch, Elizabeth Graham and Dr Charlotte McPherson (Sociology, University of Stirling, Scotland)

Whilst a roughly equal proportion of men and women play bridge, at the top level of the mindsport male players significantly outperform female players worldwide. Using data from 40 semi-structured interviews, this paper explores the gendered assumptions that exist and are reproduced by elite bridge players.

Bridging Women’s Spaces: (Un)Equal Play in a Mindsport   

Dr Ashley Rogers (School of Business, Law and Social Sciences, Abertay University) and Dr Miriam Snellgrove (BAMSA)

This paper explores the tensions and ambivalences of women-only spaces in a mindsport. The women’s game remains a divisive issue within the bridge world as it provides competitive opportunities for women to play at elite level, whilst simultaneously being viewed as inferior and discriminatory.

Bridging Sexism: Gender Inequality at and away from the Bridge Table    

Dr Ashley Rogers (School of Business, Law and Social Sciences, Abertay University), Dr Miriam Snellgrove (BAMSA) and Professor Samantha Punch (BAMSA)

This BAMSA working paper (May 2021) presents preliminary findings from an analysis of an email survey with players of all levels. The paper explores the ways in which sexism is defined and understood in the bridge community. It provides examples of sexism at and away from the bridge table given by both men and women players.

Building, not Burning Bridges in Research: Insider/Outsider Dilemmas and Engaging with the Bridge Community’   

Prof Samantha Punch (BAMSA) and Dr Ashley Rogers (School of Business, Law and Social Sciences, Abertay University)

This paper discusses the challenges researchers face when engaging a diverse a group of stakeholders in relation to sociological research on gender. Drawing on the researchers’ personal notes and conversations during a project on sexism and the card game bridge, as well as survey data, this paper explores how researchers strive to balance the pursuit of knowledge, on the one hand, with their commitment to and personal involvement with the bridge community, on the other.