Bridging Organisations: Challenges & Opportunities

Bridging Organisations


This project is collating existing survey data on bridge as well as providing a historical overview of the game: Bridging History. In particular, it focuses on the challenges and opportunities that bridge organisations face. Pre-Covid there are three main surveys: ACBL survey by Robert Todd, survey by Funbridge and partners, and the EBED/Stirling wellbeing survey. During the pandemic, many small-scale surveys have been conducted at regional and local level with the aim of exploring players’ online experiences of bridge.

In addition, the BAMSA team have examined the responses of bridge organisations to the pandemic as well as some new technological developments. These include the lockdown development of a new platform RealBridge, Hackathons and the Bridge Standards Working Group (BSWG) bringing together developers, architects and technologists from around the world. The project began in 2020 and continues in 2021.



BAMSA Reports

Bridging Organisations

Snellgrove, M. L. & Punch, S. (2020) Challenges, Issues and Solutions facing National Bridge Organisations in Europe, BAMSA Report for the European Bridge League, Stirling: University of Stirling

Summary of the full report

Barnet, C. and Punch, S. (2021) Bridge Data Sources, BAMSA Working Paper, March 2021

Stakeholder Presentations

Bridging Organisations

Punch, S. (2022) β€˜Building a more Inclusive Communityβ€˜, EBL NBO Seminar, 28-29 January 2022, Larnaca, Cyprus.

Snellgrove, M.L. and Punch, S. (2020) Bridge Issues Facing NBOs, European Bridge League (EBL) National Bridge Union (NBO) Seminar, Prague, 1-2 February 2020