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Benefits of Bridge: The Partnership Mindsport

This research animation discusses the life skills that can be developed through bridge.

What makes bridge brilliant?

World Champions and junior players reveal why they love bridge.

Why should we do research on bridge?

BAMSA researchers discuss the findings in relation to the skills and benefits gained through playing the mindsport bridge.

Son inspires mother to learn bridge

Henry Rose learnt bridge at school and inspired his mum, Helen, to take up the game. She says: ‘I learnt bridge and never looked back.’

Bridge is condensed life

Boye Brogeland and his father Anders enjoy playing bridge together. For Boye, bridge is a life-long family endeavour.

The best game ever invented

TV newsreader James Mates talks about the importance of partnership and communication in a game of incomplete information.

What is the sociology of bridge?

Professor Samantha Punch explains why bridge interests academics and discusses how playing bridge builds relationships and strengthens communities.

Bridge is home wherever I go

Stefan Skorchev enjoys bridge as a social world that brings fun, friends and travel.

Communicating across the generations

Father and daughter, David and Jasmine Bakhshi discuss how they started to play bridge, when they started to take the game seriously and who their favourite teammates would be.

Benefits of bridge for children

Joan Forsyth discusses the advantages that children and older people gain from playing bridge. She argues that bridge should be a core subject in the school curriculum.