Session 1A  Mindsports in Academia and Society

Monday 28 June 2021


Professor Samantha Punch (Bridge: A MindSport for All)

Opening Address

Gianarrigo Rona (President of the World Bridge Federation)

Live Presentations

Bridge as a Mindsport in Research, in the Bridge World, in Society

Professor Samantha Punch, Dr Miriam Snellgrove and Zoe Russell (BAMSA)

Bridge: A MindSport for All (BAMSA) aims to bridge the worlds of academia and the bridge community. This presentation refers to BAMSA’s eight research projects and accessible resources that are being created to promote bridge in wider society.

Mind, Body and Confidence: Sociological Approaches to Emotion and the Physicality of Bridge 

Dr David Scott (Sport and Exercise Sciences, Abertay University, Scotland)

The emergence of categorisations such as ‘mind sports’ and ‘esports’ raises questions about the role of ‘physicality’ in defining sport. While this paper does not necessarily argue the case for bridge’s inclusion into the wider classification of ‘sport’ on a philosophical basis, it does present a sociologically-informed understanding of how the bridge world could argue that playing is more physical than first seems.