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RealBridge and BAMSA have arranged an online conference on 7-8 October 2023 for bridge teachers, coaches and mentors.

The speakers are from around the world. Some material is pre-recorded and subtitled. The entire conference will be recorded and made available subsequently.

Confirmed speakers:
Australia: Joan Butts, Paul Marston.
Canada: Darwin Li.
Czech Republic: Milan Macura.
Denmark: Morten Bilde.
France: Jean-Pierre Desmoulins.
Germany: Ulrich Bongartz.
Iceland: Matthías Imsland.
Ireland: Dermot O’Brien.
Italy: Benedetta Ragazzi.
New Zealand/UK: Lyn Fry.
Norway: Ane Haaland, Marianne Harding.
Singapore: Gary Yee, Kelvin Ong.
Sweden: Linnea Edlund.
Tunisia: Meriem Daldoul Dorai.
UK: Alan Shillitoe, Michael Rushworth, Sam Knox, Sam Punch.
USA: Deborah Drysdale, Allison Evans, Patty Tucker, Rob Barrington, Robert Todd, Michael Berkowitz, Tracey Bauer.
USA/Canada: Gavin Wolpert.

What is it all about?The last 5 years have seen a decline in newcomers to the game, and also a drop in participation by existing players. There are a number of reasons for this.

But the last few years have also shown that there are many new opportunities. Communication is easier, faster, and more affordable. Engagement channels such as Facebook, Zoom and Twitch are readily available and better understood. Practitioners are more open to hearing ideas from other people. There is more understanding of, and openness to, collaboration and cooperation.


The presentations are mainly case studies on the following themes:

  • Information on new approaches to teaching
  • Channels, ideas and tools to market the game and the services
  • Benefits of providing or earning accreditation
  • How teachers can become the best version of themselves through personal development
  • Youth players: or