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We’re experiencing exciting times in the bridge world, with new playing platforms, post-covid digital opportunities, new tournament structures and innovative thinking for tackling challenges. Thus, it is timely for the bridge community to work together to use collaborative initiatives to attract and engage more younger players.

BAMSA’s new project: Bridge, Youth and Mindsport Education, will work towards four key outcomes:

  1. Developing scientific evidence that explores the multi-faceted aspects of bridge and mindsport education for young people. Conducting research with young people and using child-centred research methods to provide evidence-based marketing tools.
  2. Understanding the motivations of young people and why they currently do not play bridge. Using participatory approaches with children and young people to develop bottom-up solutions to promoting bridge to their peers which, in turn, will attract more young players to the game.
  3. Changing the image of bridge and increasing visibility so it gains similar status to chess in schools. Using academic research findings to increase awareness and recognition for bridge as a mindsport.
  4. Opening up funding and lobbying avenues for bridge as a partnership mindsport. For example, producing tools, such as policy briefings and best practice guides, to facilitate accessing schools, lobbying governments to introduce bridge into the curriculum and securing more funding for bridge.

A toolkit of resources will be produced based on young people’s, parents’ and schools’ perspectives. These promotional materials can then be used in marketing and attracting funding for bridge (such as social media content, digital marketing tools, posters, fliers, videos).

Collaborative working with key stakeholders will enable the co-production of outputs that are relevant and useful for the global bridge community. This four-year project will use participatory and action-based approaches to encourage schools and colleges to embrace mindsport education alongside physical education.

Your support for this exciting opportunity will enable us to develop innovative approaches for the promotion of mindsport education and the growth of youth bridge communities. Your donation would be match-funded by a donor.

How to Donate: You can donate by choosing ‘Bridge Research Project’ in the Designation box on the University of Stirling’s donation form.

Alternatively you can donate via cheque payable to the ‘University of Stirling’ sent to Prof Punch, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA, UK. Please note the University is a registered charity so charitable cheques are fine – our charity number is SC011159.

Donations can also be made via BACS to the University of Stirling and there is a tax efficient route for US donors, see BAMSA funding page for more details.

Please let us know if you donate so we can ensure the match-funding is granted – [email protected]. Your support is greatly appreciated.