Session 4A New Approaches to Teaching and Recruitment

Thursday 1 July 2021

Live Presentations

Digital Learning: Opportunities and Challenges  

Dr Terrie-Lynn Thompson (Digital Media and Professional Education, University of Stirling, Scotland)

Panel 1  Learning and Teaching Bridge

Mary Sharp (Bridge Teacher, England)

Milan Macura (Bridge Player and Coach, Czech Republic) Slides

Akiko Yanagisawa (Research Institute for Sports Business, Waseda University, Japan) Slides

Stephanie Threlkeld (American Contract Bridge League)

Panel 2  School and Youth Bridge: Engaging and Retaining Learners

Marianne Harding (Norwegian Bridge Federation, Norway) Slides

Morten Bilde (Skolebridge Director, Denmark) Slides

Sue Johnson (New Tricks, England)

Michael Xu (Youth Bridge Association, USA)

Patty Tucker (Atlanta Junior Bridge, USA)

Advance Recorded Presentations

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Pedagogy and Teaching Bridge   

Mary Sharp (Bridge Teacher, England)

Mary Sharp will argue the importance of applying the methodology of classroom teaching to bridge lessons in order to promote resilience and resourcefulness in students. She will call for greater engagement and more open-mindedness in approaches to teaching standards and practices.

Promotion of Contract Bridge as a Mindsport: Learning from the World’s Expert Nations