Session 4A New Approaches to Teaching and Recruitment

Thursday 1 July 2021

Live Presentations

Digital Learning: Opportunities and Challenges  

Dr Terrie-Lynn Thompson (Digital Media and Professional Education, University of Stirling, Scotland)

Panel 1  Learning and Teaching Bridge

Mary Sharp (Bridge Teacher, England)

Milan Macura (Bridge Player and Coach, Czech Republic) Slides

Akiko Yanagisawa (Research Institute for Sports Business, Waseda University, Japan) Slides

Stephanie Threlkeld (American Contract Bridge League)

Panel 2  School and Youth Bridge: Engaging and Retaining Learners

Marianne Harding (Norwegian Bridge Federation, Norway) Slides

Morten Bilde (Skolebridge Director, Denmark) Slides

Sue Johnson (New Tricks, England)

Michael Xu (Youth Bridge Association, USA)

Patty Tucker (Atlanta Junior Bridge, USA)

Advance Recorded Presentations

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Pedagogy and Teaching Bridge   

Mary Sharp (Bridge Teacher, England)

Mary Sharp will argue the importance of applying the methodology of classroom teaching to bridge lessons in order to promote resilience and resourcefulness in students. She will call for greater engagement and more open-mindedness in approaches to teaching standards and practices.

Promotion of Contract Bridge as a Mindsport: Learning from the World’s Expert Nations   

Akiko Yanagisawa (Waseda University Graduate School of Sports Science, Japan)

Drawing on case studies from Poland, The Netherlands, England and China, Akiko Yanagisawa looks at how bridge is promoted as a mindsport and considers the implications for recruitment, learning and development.

BridgeWhiz: Teaching Young People Across North America to Play Bridge Online  

American Contract Bridge League Educational Foundation

How can we best encourage youth students to play bridge virtually? How we can make learning accessible online, while continuing to promote face-to-face play? The ACBLEF describes BridgeWhiz, a new approach to teaching the game to school children.

Teaching Bridge   

Rob Barrington (Bridge Teacher, USA)

Rob Barrington discusses the benefits of online education and offers strategies for successful teaching programmes.

Top Tips for Teaching Bridge to Children   

Patty Tucker (President and Founder, Atlanta Junior Bridge, USA)

For more than 15 years the most common question asked of Patty Tucker is: ‘How old does my child need to be before she (or he) can learn bridge?’ The second most asked question is: ‘Do kids really want to learn bridge, or do they just want to play cards?’ Patty’s presentation answers those questions and explores techniques to attract, engage and keep young players. Patty has also surveyed young bridge players between five and 11 years old, and interviewed three bridge advocates still in high school, Aaron, Jamie and Stephanie.

The Youth Bridge Association Enticing Young People to Learn Bridge   

Michael Xu (Co-President, Youth Bridge Association, USA)

One good way to find out how to entice young people to learn bridge is to listen to a successful junior who’s been doing just that. Michael Xu is a  member of the USA under-16 team that won bronze at the World Youth Team Championships in 2018, and co-founder of the pioneering Youth Bridge Association. Run entirely by students, the YBA promotes bridge to young people through interactive training sessions and inter-school competition.

Introducing Bridge into the School Curriculum   

Norma Irwin and Norman Lacey (Northern Ireland Bridge Union)

Incorporating bridge classes into the school day is no small achievement. This presentation outlines the planning behind introducing bridge for Year 7 pupils to primary schools and after-school clubs in Northern Ireland. It covers recruitment of tutors, lesson delivery, feedback from tutors and schools, and future plans for this successful and inspiring project.

Expanding Bridge in Schools   

Sue Johnson (Chair and Trustee of New Tricks, England)

Sue Johnson founded New Tricks in 2019 to make great online bridge content available to the widest possible audience and to bring young players to the game. In this presentation, Sue describes the most recent step in this mission: the creation of a dedicated website for schools that plan to set up bridge clubs.

Online Bridge Education: Teaching Teachers and Beginner Students   

Stephanie Threlkeld (Marketing and Education Manager, American Contract Bridge League)

ACBL Intro to Bridge: Teaching beginners is hard, especially online. One obstacle is students having to wait too long before actually playing bridge. With that in mind, ACBL has developed a 10-week highly interactive course, Intro to Bridge. Premiering in June, it will have students playing with friends and newcomer games in no time.

ACBL Online Teacher Training Workshop: When teachers pivoted online, many used face-to-face techniques without success. A lecture and slides don’t work well online. Online classes need to be highly engaging and keep students actively participating. Otherwise, they might start checking their social media. ACBL has developed techniques for online learning with the Online Teacher Workshop. Certification available.