Session 2A  Impact of a Global Pandemic on Bridge

Tuesday 29 June 2021

Live Presentations

Reconnecting with The Bridge Club: A Critical Understanding of Social Capital and Play during a Pandemic 

Kevin Judge (Sociology, University of Stirling, Scotland)

This research provides a snapshot from a wider doctoral study of the social lives and relationships of those who learn and play bridge in the UK.

The New Normal: Bridge Club Perspective

Nicky Bainbridge (Bridge for Pleasure)

Since early lockdown in the UK, Nicky Bainbridge has run a monthly meeting for bridge clubs to discuss the difficulties involved in reopening and implementing social distancing measures.

Ongoing and Future Impacts of Covid

Patrick Shields (Gloucestershire County Bridge Association)

Both county and national bridge organisations have faced various obstacles and opportunities during the pandemic. Patrick Shields reflects on these whilst also pondering what’s next.

Covid Impacts on National and International Tournaments in Australia 

Peter Cox (Australian Bridge Federation)

In Australia, the suspension of face-to-face bridge was shorter than in other parts of the world. However, the pandemic still interrupted many major tournament events. Peter Cox reflects on the the future for tournament bridge in Australia and the South Pacific.