Bridging Juniors: Learning, Education & Development

Bridging Juniors


Bridging Juniors plans to include the following three studies: 

(1) Bridging Schools (interviews with pupils, parents and teachers) 

(2) Bridging Transitions: Connecting Families, Clubs, Universities and Generations 

(3) Bridging the Digital 

The Bridging Schools research explores what helps and hinders learning for children in school (primary/elementary, secondary/middle and high schools). The study considers different views in relation to the benefits and skills (cognitive, social and emotional) developed through learning bridge. 

Focus groups and individual interviews will be conducted with teachers (school teachers and bridge teachers who teach children), pupils and parents to explore different perspectives in relation to the skills gained through bridge. Case studies of teaching bridge to children will include the UK, Norway, Denmark and the USA) and digital bridge youth programmes (such as BridgeWhiz in the USA and UK).


Davenport Fund

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Conference Papers

Bridging Schools

BAMSA (2021) School and Youth Bridge: Engaging and Retaining Learners, 4th International Bridge Conference, Bridging Academia, Policy and Practice, 1 July 2021, University of Stirling.

BAMSA (2021) Gender, Age and Intergenerationality, 4th International Bridge Conference, Bridging Academia, Policy and Practice, 30 June 2021, University of Stirling.

Stakeholder Presentations

Bridging Schools

Punch, S. (2022) Bridge Research in Schools: Promoting Mindsport Education, Paper presented at American Bridge Teachers’ Association (ABTA), July 2022, Providence, USA.